7 Best Gas Chimney for Kitchen in India – Reviews (2022)

Nobody likes interruption! so why to adjust with continuous interruption of smoke and dust while cooking. Indian food involves a lot of spice and oil which automatically leads to the production of unhealthy smoke in the kitchen. Following is the list 7 Best Gas Chimney for Kitchen in India, which will make sure your loved ones won’t suffer in smoke.

Here is the list of 7 Best Gas Chimney for Kitchen in India

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1. Elica 60 cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Elica, with a motto of revolutionizing the kitchen industry, ergonomically designs all its products. They ensure safety, and good service with every product. The Elica auto-clean chimney comes with an ergonomic design that adds elegance to your kitchen.

It has a suction capacity of1200 cubic meters per hour to make your kitchen stay fresh and fume-free. It comes with advanced heat auto clean technology that cleans the chimney with just a push of the button. The baffle filter in the chimney removes all the smoke and greasy remaining from your kitchen.


  • Separate oil collector to ensure easy cleaning
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Rust free design’2 LED lamps for higher efficiency
  • The dimensions make it easy to fit in every kitchen

2. Faber 60 cm 1500 m3/h Heat Auto Clean Chimney

The Faber chimney comes with a suction power of 1500 cubic meters per hour so you can cook your food easily and peacefully without worrying about the smoke and greasy smell. Indian cooking involves lots of spice and oil and that’s where 3 layer baffle filter comes into role.

It separates vapors and grease particles and is made of stainless steel so you don’t have to worry about the early replacements of the gas chimney. Moreover, it comes with a heat auto-clean feature, which enables the cleaning of oil particles from the gas chimney in just one touch.


  • 3 layer baffle filter
  • 1500 cubic meter/hour suction power
  • 2 LED lamps
  • Heat auto clean
  • Touch control
  • Lesser noose production
  • 5 years warranty on the motor and 1 year on product
  • Voltage: 230 Volts

3. Eurodomo 60 cm 1200 m3/h Chimney (Sapphire PB SS 60, Stainless Steel)

The Eurodomo gas chimney comes with a suction power of 1200 cubic meters/hour. Its body is of stainless steel and is suitable to add elegance to your kitchen décor. The high-quality cassette filters can capture even the finest particles of dust and smoke. The chimney is incorporated with 2 bright bulbs so you can experience bright and hassle-free cooking. Overall, the product can be concluded as stylish, durable and affordable.


  • 1200 cubic meters/ hour suction power
  • Energy efficient
  • 3-speed push-button control
  • Cassette filter
  • Stainless steel body
  • Perfect for kitchen size 100_200sq.ft
  • 1 year on product and 5-year warranty on motor

4. Hindware 60cm 1200 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Stylish cutting edge design and amazing features. That’s what hindware kitchen chimney is all about. This curved glass wall mounted chimney comes with a suction power of 1200 cubic meters/ hour. The stainless steel baffle filters along with strong motor ensure smoke and hassle-free cooking experience.

It’s auto clean technology automatically cleans the smoke keeping your kitchen stay fresh and healthy. It comes with an oil collector that is capable to store the remaining oils and residues and is easy to clean too.


  • Size: 60cm; Voltage 220-240/v
  • Touch control
  • Baffle filter
  • Auto clean technology
  • Oil collector cup
  • 5 years warranty on motor and 1-year warranty on the product

5. Sunflame 60cm 500 m3/hr Gas Chimney

Sunflame manufactures premium design of chimneys. This straight-line wall-mounted chimney totally justifies the statement. It comes with a suction capacity of 500 cubic meters per hour and is fit for low frying and grilling. The stainless steel baffle filters help your kitchen stay free from dust and smoke.

The cassette filters are made up os anti-rusting stainless steel and can also be cleaned in the dishwasher. The filter partitions the oil and greasy particles and the remaining smoke is ventilated out. The chimney comes with intelligent sliding button controls that are very easy to operate.


  • Straight-line; wall mounted
  • Size: 60 cm ( for kitchen size less than 100sqft
  • Oil collector
  • Baffle filter
  • Cassette filter
  • Premium design
  • LED lights
  • 2 years warranty on the product

6. Sunflame 60 cm 1100 m³/hr Curved Glass Kitchen Chimney

Sunflame gas chimney is a perfect example of elegance with ease. The curved glass chimney is ergonomically designed for the best airflow. It comes with a suction capacity of 1100 cubic meters per hour. The stainless steel baffle filters speak for durability and also ensures efficient cleaning of your kitchen. You can control the functioning by “push-button control” which is very easy to use.


  • Oil collector
  • 190 W high-efficiency motor
  • Low noise level, 50 Hz
  • Baffle filter
  • Size: 60cm (Fit for 2-4 burner as the stove)
  • Wall-mounted
  • 5-year warranty on motor and 1-year warranty on the product

7. Elica 60 cm 1100 m3/hr Auto Clean Chimney

Elica is on a mission to set high benchmarks in making stylish kitchen products. The spectacular design of the Elica gas chimney totally complements your kitchen décor. Moreover, the features add convenience to your lifestyle. It comes with a suction capacity of 1100 cubic meters per hour.

The Elica filterless kitchen products come with the sealed motor so that no oil or greasy particles can affect the motor. Moreover, it comes with auto-clean technology. Now you just have to push the button and your chimney will clean and will be cleaned by just one push. To cope up with the smart era, the chimney is designed with motion sensor technology which senses your hand wave thus providing easy operation.


  • Filterless technology
  • Motion sensing technology
  • Heat auto clean
  • Touch control panel
  • LED lamps
  • Size: 60cm (for kitchen size>200sqft and heavy frying/grilling)
  • 5 years warranty on the motor and 1 year on product


So, what are you thinking now? Don’t think too much before buying these Gas Chimney for Kitchen. They have all the desired features and their elegant design makes them a perfect fit for your kitchen. Go and buy them! Have a great day ahead!

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