1. Generic ISI Certified LPG Regulators for Cylinders and Geysers  

– Made up of portable material – Easy to clean – ISI certified

2. Handu Aluminium LPG Gas Regulators 

– Made up of aluminum – Comes with a lock feature – ISI certified – Suitable for all kinds of cylinder connections

3. Black liger Aluminium LPG Gas Regulator

– Suitable for Indane, HP, Bharat gas connections – Suitable for all govt home gas connections – Durable

4. Indane XPRESS Cast Iron LP Gas Cylinder Adapter 

– Suitable for all govt home gas connections – Suitable for all types of gas cylinder connections – ISI certified

5. SURAKSHA Xpress Lp Gas Cylinder Adapter

– Suitable for Indane, HP, and Bharat gas cylinders – Easy to clean – Cherry red color

6. Metrosafe LPG Gas Regulator Adapter 

– ISI certified – Comes with a cleaning powder – The REgulator comes with an on/off switch – Easy to operate

7. Kitchen Palace Aluminium Gas Adapter Regulator

– Decent design – Leakproof – Made up of aluminum


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