Best Gas Safety Devices in India 2022 – (Buyers Guide)

Prevention is better than cure. A small carelessness can lead to a major hazard. It is always said to check all the gas safety standards before buying the gas cylinder and during its usage too. So, we are here with the list of Best Gas Safety Devices in India 2021.

Gas safety devices are usually installed in the gas cylinders below the regulators to ensure maximum prevention from gas and fire hazards. Moreover, while buying a gas safety device following points should be checked –

  • Easy Operation: The device should be user-friendly and should be easy to operate.
  • Gas Level Indicator: It indicates the level of gas inside your cylinder.
  • Leakage Detector & Auto Cut Off: It senses the gas leakage and automatically stops the flow of gas.
  • Construction: It should be checked whether it is made up of strong and durable materials or not.

Here is the list of Best Gas Safety Devices in India 2021

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1. Original & Genuine Gas Safe 100% Automatic Gas Safety Device

Original & Genuine Gas Safe 100% Automatic Gas Safety Device

Safety is not expensive, but accidents are! The original gas safety devices come with a slightly higher price tag but also ensures the utmost safety. It is fit for full home safety. The device comes with a leakage detector and auto cut off feature that automatically cuts off the flow of gas whenever it senses any gas leakage.

In addition to this, the device prevents wastage of gas and reduces your gas consumption by 30%. That means if you are using your cylinder for 25 days then after installation of this device your gas will last for 35-40 days.


  • Auto cut off
  • Gas level indicator
  • 3 years warranty
  • 25-year life cycle
  • Saves 30% of gas each month
  • 5 crore rupees insurance available

2. PAYKARS AHA INDIA’S Original & Genuine Gas Safety Device

Nothing makes us feel better than the automatic feature. The paykar’s gas safety device comes with an automatic cut off feature that automatically cuts off the flow of gas if there is any leakage irrespective of the reason.

Moreover, the gas leakage detector senses small leakages also whether it is from the pipe or from the regulator. It reduces gas consumption by 25% and is affordable too.


  • Automatic cut off
  • leakage detector
  • Saves 25% gas consumption
  • 3 years warranty
  • 5 crore insurance liability
  • Low-level gas indicator

3. Om Automatic Gas Safety Device, Gas Leakage Detector

This om gas safety device comes with a gas level indicator. It indicates the level of gas present inside your cylinder and warns you when the level is low. The auto cut off feature saves you from gas hazards.

It stops the flow of gas whenever it senses any leakage around. The gas leakage detector detects the leakage whether no matter where the leakage is happening. It locks the cylinder and will start only once you will.


  • 25-year life cycle
  • Auto cut off
  • Leakage detector
  • Saves up to 30% on gas consumption
  • 5 cr insurance liability
  • 3 year replaceable warranty

4. INDIA’S Brass Safe Automatic Gas Safety Device Leakage Detector with Auto Cut Off

The product has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on amazon. It comes with a leakage detector and auto cut off feature. It immediately stops the flow of gas as soon as it senses any gas leakage. In addition to that to ensure maximum protection, brass safe safety device comes with a double locking system. It is easy to install and safe to use. In addition to all this, the locking system ensures a tight connection and prevents any gas leakage.


  • 3-year warranty
  • saves gas consumption up to 30%
  • Double locking system
  • Major leak auto shut off facility
  • 25-year life cycle

5. GAS SECURA Metal Home LPG Gas Safety Device

SP combined are one of the leading manufacturers of gas safety devices. The company is on a mission to provide 100% safety to all households. Gas Secura metal home safety device is proof of the success of their mission. The device is made up of metal and is very strong and durable. It comes with auto cut off and leakage detector like features. Moreover, it indicates the level of gas inside the cylinder.


  • 3 years manufacturer warranty
  • 25% gas saving
  • upto 5 cr insurance
  • Dimensions: 12.1×10.4×91.3cm

6. IGT Gas Regulator Safety Device

Integrated gas Technologies manufacture good quality gas safety devices cylinder valves etc. They aim to produce the best. This gas safety device stands true to its company’s aim.

The leak detection feature detects even small leakage of gas. If any leakage is detected, the flow of gas is stopped automatically. Moreover, it warns you to refill the cylinder timely. The device is installed below the regulator and ensures a leak-tight connection.


  • Leak and level indicator
  • Advanced lock system
  • Excess flow cut off
  • Advanced filter
  • Inlet sealing
  • Manual safe reset
  • 3 years warranty

7. KV AHA LPG Gas Cylinder Safety Device Auto Cut Off (Gold)

With a rating of 4.5/5, the. This gas safety device successfully made its position in the customer’s cart. The device is made up of premium quality brass and is very durable.

Its features totally justify its price. Moreover, this device automatically cuts off the flow of gas whenever it detects any leakage. In addition to saving you from gas hazards, it also saves 30% of your total gas consumption.


  • 25-year life cycle
  • premium quality
  • saves 30% of gas
  • 2 cr of life insurance
  • auto cut off
  • 3-year replaceable warranty

Frequently Asked Question

Why it is necessary to use a gas safety device?

Gas safety devices are designed to detect gas leakages and save you from the accidents likely to happen because of it. These devices ct off the gas supply as soon as any leakage gets detected. Moreover, they also come with features like for instance, gas level indicators to increase your convenience.

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