Best Non-Slip Rubber Mats for Kitchens in India 2023-2024

Non-slip Rubber Mats for kitchens and bathrooms are mats that have a rough surface to help prevent slipping on wet or smooth floors, making these areas safer.

Your kitchen is like the heart of your home, and making it cozy while you cook is essential. One way to do that is by adding a kitchen mat. It’s not just about looks – these mats also help prevent slipping, protect your floors from spills, and make the whole cooking area safer. We’ve put together a list of the best kitchen mats/ anti-slip Kitchen Mats in India, so you can choose one that not only looks good but also makes your time in the kitchen comfy and secure.

How to Select the Right Mat for Your Kitchen?

Choosing the right Non-slip rubber kitchen mat from the various options available can be a bit overwhelming. However, a bit of research can make the process easier. In the Indian market, you can find durable and good-quality kitchen mats ranging from Rs 400 to Rs 10,000.


While keeping your budget in mind is important, there are other factors to consider as well. One crucial aspect is the material of the mat. Our list features brands offering mats made of sturdy materials like rubber and high-density foam, ensuring they provide adequate cushioning and have anti-slip/non-slip rubber backing for support and comfort. You can choose the one that suits your needs.


Another important factor is the size of the mat. We’ve compiled different dimensions and shapes, allowing you to select a mat that fits well with your kitchen size and preferences. Whether you have a long countertop or want a mat under your feet all the time, there’s an option for everyone.

Here is the list of the Best Non-Slip Rubber Mats For Kitchen in India:

1. Bulfyss Multipurpose Non-Slip Rubber Mat

Non-Slip Rubber Mats

Consider Bulfyss Multipurpose Non-Slip Rubber Mat as a top choice for your kitchen. This essential furniture accessory is designed to meet your daily home needs.

Crafted from Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, this metallic mat has earned a solid rating of 4.3 out of 5 on Amazon, backed by feedback from over 1200 customers. It’s a reliable and well-reviewed option for your kitchen space.

Product Size: 

Length 45 cm
Width5 m
Height5 cm
Weight 380 gm
1. Waterproof
2. Odor and stains free
3. More thick pads
4. Non-slip and non-sticky
5. Multifunctional
6. Convenient to wash and use
7. BPA free
8. Highly durable
9. Worth for money
1. Not much heat resistant.

2. Elastpro EVA Transparent Non-Slip Rubber Mat

Non-Slip Rubber Mats

Elastpro Anti-Slip Mat is a versatile mat featuring a clear white texture. Beyond providing excellent anti-slip and anti-microbial functions, these EVA mats add a touch of beauty to your home.

Backed by a 5-year warranty, this product boasts a solid rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Amazon, validated by feedback from over 1000 customers.

Product Size: 60×1000 cm

1. Premium quality EVA Anti-Slip Mat
2. Waterproof
3. Easy to clean
4. Stain-resistant
5. Highly durable
6. Heat resistant

1. Expensive compared to others

3.  Kuber Industries Multipurpose Non-Slip Rubber Mat

Non-Slip Rubber Mats

Meet the Kuber Industries Multipurpose Non-Slip Rubber Mat – a robust, textured marvel crafted from PVC. Its super-strong composition allows for versatile use; cut it into any shape or size to suit your needs, and let its anti-skid surface secure your belongings in place.

This mat ensures a non-slip surface, preventing items from slipping or falling. With a commendable rating of 4.0 out of 5 on Amazon, it’s a reliable choice.

Product Size: 45 x 500 x 1 Cm

1. Easy to clean.
2. Value for money.
3. Cheap Product
4. PVC material
1. Thin material.

4. KayJen EVA Non-Slip Rubber Mat

Non-Slip Rubber Mats

Explore the versatility of the Kayjen EVA non-Slip rubber Mat, a go-to solution for various daily needs.

Crafted from ethylene-vinyl acetate, this multi-functional mat has earned a solid 4 out of 5 rating on Amazon, backed by the feedback of over 1000 satisfied customers.

Moisture free
Odor and stains free
It’s not a perfect fit for kitchen floor tiles.

5. Skywalk Multipurpose Non-Slip Rubber Mat

Non-Slip Rubber Mats

Skywalk Multipurpose Non-Slip Rubber Mat is manufactured by Skywalk and made of Polyester and polyester blend. It has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 over Amazon and it has been reviewed by 1200+ customers.

Product Size: 45 x 8 x 5 cm

1. Non-adhesive
2. Super strong
3. Crack-resistant
4. Durable and Washable
1. Cannot resist high temperatures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques: Why Kitchen Mats are Necessary?

Ans: Kitchen mats are crucial for safety, preventing slips, and safeguarding floors from spills. They provide a comfortable and secure surface in a high-traffic area, making cooking and other kitchen activities safer.

Ques: What Kind of a Mat is Good for the Kitchen?

Ans: A good kitchen mat should be non-slip to prevent accidents, durable for long-lasting use, and easy to clean for hygiene. Look for materials like rubber or high-density foam that offer both comfort and functionality.

Ques: Which is the Best Kitchen Mat in India?

Ans: The best kitchen mat in India depends on personal preferences, but popular choices include Bulfyss Multipurpose Non-Slip Rubber Mat and Elastpro Non-Slip Rubber Mat for their quality, durability, and versatility.

Ques: How to choose a bathroom mat?

Ans: Choose the one which fits your bathroom perfectly.  Focus on the problem due to which you want to buy a mat. After that, see which one is the better solution to your problem.

Ques: What is the difference between a rug and a mat?

Ans: Rug refers to a piece of the floor that was handcrafted by artisans of China and it’s quite expensive compared to the mat. The mat is usually rubber-backed and it’s easily affordable.

Ques: Why do you need non-slip fabric mats?

Ans: Used for space decoration, Safety purposes, Act as a relief agent in body pain, lower back pain, and joint pain.

Ques: How Do Anti-Fatigue Mats Work?

Ans: Usually standing for a longer extent reduces the blood flow and due to this the amount of oxygen reaching the heart reduces to a higher extent. With these Anti-Fatigue mats, the blood flow will increase again and large amounts of oxygen will again reach the heart.

Ques: Can you wash Anti-Slip mats?

Ans: Yes, you can wash Anti-Slip mats. You can either hand wash it or even do this with a washing machine.

Ques: Why don’t hotels have bathroom mats?

Ans: No, that’s not true they have. They are much heavier and feel like thicker towels.

Ques: How often do you wash the floor mats?

Ans: It should be washed once or twice a week. You can wash it through a machine but don’t use a dryer. Let them air dry. It will prevent it from damage. You don’t have to do much, just click on the product whichever you like and go and buy it.

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