Top 10 Affordable Water Filters for Homes in India 2023-2024

Check out the ultimate guide to finding the best affordable Water Filter for your home from the best brands!

We need a water filter to ensure the water we drink is safe and healthy. Tap water can have tiny particles, chemicals, and germs that may not be good for us. A water filter acts like a superhero, removing these invisible threats and making sure our water is clean and tasty.

It keeps us from getting sick and makes the water we drink at home better for our bodies. Plus, using a water filter is like having a money-saving sidekick – it’s more affordable than constantly buying bottled water.

So, whether it’s for our health, taste buds, or wallet, a water filter is the hero we need for clean and safe hydration. Get ready to say cheers to clean, tasty water without burning a hole in your pocket!

Your guide to the best affordable water filters awaits, we have created the list of the best water filters for home that includes the features like Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultraviolet (UV), treatment and multi-stage filtration to eliminate impurities and bacteria.

Here are the Best Affordable Water Filters in India

Urban Company Native M2 Water Filter 4.317,499
Havells Gracia FAB Alkaline Water Filter 3.419,999
AQUA D PURE Copper RO Water Filter  4.31,749
Havells AQUAS Water Filter 4.17,299
Aquafresh Red Candy RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Filter 4.03,899
NATURE TECH Fully Automatic Copper RO Water Filter 5.03,899
Aquaguard Sure Delight NXT RO+UV+UF Water Filter 4.28,499
Faber CUV 8000 Water Purifier 4.15,490
HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Filter4.313,999
KENT Supreme RO Water Filter 4.214,449

Urban Company Native M2 Water Filter

Water Filter

Experience the pinnacle of water purification with the Urban Company Native M2 Water Purifier. With an impressive 2-year filter life powered by rapid reverse rinse technology, enjoy savings of up to Rs. 18,000 on ownership and service costs.

This intelligent purifier integrates seamlessly with the Urban Company app, providing real-time monitoring of water quality, filter health, and consumption.

Further, it offers a comprehensive 10-stage water purification process, including RO, UV, UF, and MTDS filtration with added copper, alkaline, and essential minerals, ensuring 99.99% pure water.

Its preset dispensing features, 8-litre storage capacity, and integrated UV light make it an ideal choice for all water sources, promising clean, healthy water for your well-being.

2 years filter lifeExpensive as compared to the other options
Smart monitoring via Urban Company app 
10 stage water purification 

Havells Gracia FAB Alkaline Water Filter

Water Filter

The Havells Delite High Recovery Absolutely Safe RO+UV Purified Alkaline Water Purifier is designed to provide you with the highest quality of purified water. The water purifier features an 8-stage triple protection system that includes an SS tank with UV LED, reverse osmosis (RO) membrane and advanced UV purification technology.

The combination of these technologies ensures that your water is free from all impurities and bacteria, giving you clean and safe drinking water. The device also comes with an LCD for easy monitoring of water quality and a storage tank of 6.5 litres for convenience.

Byer’s Review: The water purifier receives glowing reviews for being the best in terms of ease of use, accuracy, and compactness. Users consistently praise its superb quality, labeling it as the best product with no issues encountered. However, one customer notes the absence of an installation manual, expressing a need for assistance in obtaining one.

Alkaline PurifierNo water during power cuts
Tank Sterlization 24X7 
Child lock for hot water 
Maintenance alerts 
Cartridge life indicator 

AQUA D PURE Copper RO Water Filter

Water Filter

The AQUA D PURE Copper RO Water Purifier offers a blend of elegant design and advanced functionality. Notable features include a purified water level indicator and a push-fit component for leak-proof performance, ensuring seamless operation. Its 8-stage RO Reverse Osmosis Technology guarantees thorough purification, and the generous 12-litre storage capacity is well-suited for home use.

This water purifier stands out with its Copper Filter, providing the health benefits of copper-infused water. Additionally, it includes a fully automatic shut-off function that activates when the water tank is full, enhancing safety and efficiency. With its design, purification capabilities, and copper infusion, the AQUA D PURE Copper RO Water Purifier is a top choice for best water purifiers.

Buyer’s Review: This water purifier is hailed as an affordable alternative for students or those starting a job, delivering quality comparable to expensive brands. Despite initial joy, a price drop caused dismay, and functionality issues, including leakage and a faulty charger, led to a disappointing experience.

Generous 12-Litre StorageProfessional Installation Cost
Advanced 8-Stage PurificationElectricity Dependency

Havells AQUAS Water Filter

The Havells AQUAS Water Purifier is one of the best water purifiers. It ensures 100% purification through the combination of RO and UF technologies, making it a stalwart guardian against impurities in your drinking water. What sets this purifier apart is its Dual Mineral and Bacteriostatic Taste Enhancer, which not only removes contaminants but also enriches the water with essential minerals and enhances its taste.

The transparent tank is easily removable, allowing for convenient cleaning and maintenance. Hygiene takes center stage with a zero-splash water flow controller faucet, ensuring that your water remains pristine at all times. Utilizing activated carbon for purification, the Havells AQUAS Water Purifier comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty, ensuring reliability and peace of mind.

Buyer’s Review: Positive reviews highlight the ARO water purifier’s effectiveness in solving water issues, maintaining quality, and having a sleek design. Users praise its value for money, smooth installation, and knowledgeable service.

However, a negative experience cites poor product quality, malfunctioning overflow sensor, and dissatisfaction with Havals products purchased online. Another review expresses satisfaction with prompt delivery, hassle-free installation, and overall product quality, with plans to update after further use.

Convenient and Hygienic DesignAdditional filtration methods may be needed
RO and UF purificationInstallation and Maintenance

Aquafresh Red Candy RO + UV + UF + TDS Water Filter

This electric water purifier with a storage capacity of 17 liters employs RO, UV, UF, and TDS filters, making it ideal for areas with water shortages. Specifically designed for Indian water conditions, it features 14-stage advanced purification, double-layer protection, and intelligent technology that monitors water quality automatically, ensuring natural taste and enhancing the life of the system by protecting sensitive RO components.

Buyer’s Review: The Aquafresh 18-liter filter receives high praise for its convenience, large capacity, and quick refill time. The user appreciates the intuitive installation process despite the absence of instructions. The UV section’s 4-in-1 cartridge with added minerals is highlighted for space and cost efficiency.

Despite two pre-filters, the unit’s powerful pump ensures rapid tank filling. In contrast, a negative experience with Amazon’s service and rude installation personnel leads to strong dissatisfaction and a recommendation against purchasing the product.

High capacity (18 liters)TDS testing may be necessary for optimal usage
Quick 15-minute refill time 
Intuitive installation process 
4-in-1 UV cartridge with added minerals 

NATURE TECH Fully Automatic Copper RO Water Filter

This electric water purifier employs advanced RO, UV, UF, and TDS purification technologies, making it suitable for areas with water shortages. The machine efficiently disposes of waste water, promoting eco-friendliness. The regulator allows manual adjustment of TDS levels, ensuring healthy and tasty drinking water. With easy installation, removal, and portability, this product provides high-quality, low-cost drinking water, making it an ideal choice for households.

Advanced RO, UV, UF, and TDS purificationPotential Electricity Dependency
Suitable for areas with water shortages 
Efficient waste water disposal 
Manual TDS level adjustment for healthy water 

Aquaguard Sure Delight NXT RO+UV+UF Water Filter

The Aquaguard Sure Delight NXT RO+UV 6 L Storage Water Purifier is a technological breakthrough, employing a potent combination of RO, UV, and MTDS for superior water purification. Certified RO technology effectively eliminates contaminants, while UV e-boiling ensures safety. The Taste Adjuster tailors the water’s flavor, and features like high storage capacity, LED indicators, and electricity-free water dispensing make it an appealing choice. Notably eco-friendly, it conserves 60% water with a 7-stage purification process, establishing itself as a top pick for health-conscious households.

Comprehensive PurificationHigher initial cost
Water-Saving TechnologyPotential Electricity Dependency

Faber CUV 8000 Water Purifier

The Faber CUV 8000 7-liter Water Purifier employs a unique 7-stage UV and UF purification process, omitting the need for an RO filter. It ensures safe drinking water with copper guard technology promoting metabolism and bone health. The activated carbon enhances taste and removes contaminants, while UV filtration guarantees water safety without altering taste or wasting water. With a high storage capacity and intelligent alerts, this purifier offers convenience and comes with a comprehensive 1-year warranty.

7-stage advanced UV and UF purificationDoes not include an RO filter
Enriches water with essential minerals 
Copper guard technology for health benefits 
UV filtration for safe water without chemicals 

HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Filter

The HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver is a versatile water purifier designed to meet the diverse water purification needs of Indian households. With a 10-litre capacity and a robust 7-stage purification process, it ensures you get 100% RO water enriched with essential minerals for safe and delicious drinking water. This purifier can handle high TDS levels of up to 2000 ppm, making it suitable for various water sources. Notably, it boasts an impressive water-saving feature, with a recovery rate of up to 60%, helping you conserve water.

Buyer’s Review: The user is pleased with the water filter’s performance, the durability and taste. However, the second purchase was prompted by poor service with the old unit. Current issues with the tap remain unresolved.

Advanced 7-stage purification processConsumables and additional accessories not covered in the 1-year warranty
High TDS handling capacity 

KENT Supreme RO Water Filter

Imagine having a reliable water purifier that ensures your family’s health by providing pure drinking water. The KENT Supreme  RO Water Purifier does just that and more. With a multi-stage purification process involving RO, UF, and TDS control, it eliminates impurities and maintains essential minerals in your drinking water. The in-tank UV LED keeps the water pure for longer. Its compact, wall-mounted design saves space, making it ideal for domestic use. Plus, it’s fully automatic, ensuring you never run out of pure water.

Buyer’s Review: The user is satisfied with the Kent RO Alkaline’s functionality, praising its appearance but noting a reduction in storage capacity. Despite water taste and installation satisfaction, another review expresses disappointment due to heavy water leakage, contrary to the promised zero leakage.

Multi-stage purification for pure and safe drinking waterPre-filter not included, which may require additional purchase
Fully automatic operation for convenienceRequires electricity for operation

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best Affordable Water Filter in India

The Best Affordable Water Filter in India are:

  • Urban Company Native M2 Water Filter
  • Havells AQUAS Water Filter
  • HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF Water Filter

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