Top 5 Idli Makers in India 2023 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guidance

Discover the top-rated Idli Makers this Diwali with our comprehensive review, guiding you towards the perfect culinary companions for a festive and efficient cooking experience.

Here is the list of  The top 5 Idli Makers in India 2023

1. Aashita Shoppe All-In-One Idly Cooker/Idli Maker

Idli Makers

Elevate your cooking experience with Aashita Shoppe’s premium stainless steel cookware. Crafted with high-quality, heavy-gauge stainless steel, this kitchen essential ensures durability, corrosion resistance, and even heat distribution for faster, more efficient cooking. Its modern design guarantees minimal cooking time, making it an elegant and durable addition to your kitchen.

Good qualityCompact size.
Use for making sambar as well

2. QSEC Stainless Steel Multi-Kadai Idli Maker /Cooker

Idli Makers

Elevate your culinary skills with QSEC’s all-in-one multi-purpose cookware. This premium-quality, heavy 22-gauge copper bottom kadai, along with stainless steel vessels, offers a rust-proof, food-grade, and non-crackable solution for your kitchen. With a lifetime guarantee, this sleek, modern design ensures even heat distribution, making it perfect for preparing idlis, dhoklas, momos, and a range of dishes. Care instructions include avoiding dry heating to protect the copper base, enhancing the durability of this versatile kitchen essential.

Premium-good qualityHigh heat conductivity may burn copper base if heated empty
Food-grade, leak-proof, rust-proof propertiesA compact design may limit capacity
Seamless construction makes it non-crackable
Faster heating reduces cooking time
Wide range of uses like idli, dhokla, patra, momos, steaming, frying, etc.

3. Cello Stainless Steel Induction Base Idli Cooker

Idli Makers

Discover the ultimate culinary partner in this heavy-gauge stainless steel cookware set. With cool-touch Bakelite handles, it’s a safe, durable addition to your kitchen. This versatile set, compatible with a gas stove and induction cooktop, includes multiple plates, a cooker/steamer, and a lid. Perfect for making Dhokla, Patra, Idlis, and Momos, this complete set is not only ideal for daily use but also a great gifting option. Ergonomically designed for usability and easy maintenance, this set brings convenience and quality in one, with a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Cool-touch handleThe steamer fits a maximum 2 plates at a time
Good quality
Stainless steel inner plate
Compatible with Gas stoves and induction cooktop
Ideal for everyday use
1Yaer warranty

4. Hawkins Idli Stand

Idli Makers

Crafted from pure virgin aluminum, the Hawkins Idli Stand revolutionizes homemade idli-making, even for beginners. This stand efficiently produces 12 fluffy idlis in just 6 minutes, designed to perfectly fit 5-liter Hawkins pressure cooker models. Compatible with various Hawkins cooker lines, such as CLASSIC, CONTURA, HEVIBASE, FUTURA HARD ANODISED, STAINLESS STEEL, and MISS MARY, this mirror-polished, durable idli stand is a versatile addition to your kitchen arsenal. With precision and speed, enjoy effortless idli preparation and elevate your cooking experience with Hawkins’ quality and convenience.

Made from virgin AluminumCompatible with only Hawkins pressure cooker models
Easy cooking
Cooks 12 idlis in 6 minutes
Specially designed for 5L pressure cooker
Touch control and hand control

5. Pigeon Classic Stainless Steel Idli Cooker

Idli Makers

Crafted with durable stainless steel, this idli maker offers both resilience and hygiene. With a thicker gauge ensuring high durability, it’s rustproof, making cleaning a breeze. Compatible with both induction and standard cooktops, this 8.8-inch diameter set includes a sturdy idli maker, 6 plates for 24 idlis at a time, and a reliable stainer. The provided high-grade whistle ensures excellent pressure control, while the product comes with a 6-month warranty, making it a reliable addition to your kitchen for convenient and large-batch idli preparation.

Strong and SturdyLimited warranty (6 months)
Stainless steel
High durability
Easy to wash
Compatible with induction and gas stove

Frequently Asked Questions.

1. What could be the best Idli maker for easy and non-stick cooking?

 Well, every brand mentioned here is a great deal for this Diwali season providing you with the best quality and budget-friendly Idli cookers. According to the reviews and buyer’s recommendations, Aashita Shoppe All-In-One Idly Cooker/Idly Maker could be the best choice. Although the capacity of the cooker is small, still it can give you a great cooking experience in no time. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with small idli cookers you can have Hawkins Idli Stands as well with a capacity of 5L for your big family.

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