Top 5 Non-Electric (Gravity) Water Purifier in India 2022 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

No water, No Life! Water is the most essential thing for a living. Getting healthy water is the basic right of every citizen. Water for drinking purposes is usually treated before supplying.

However, in the world full of chemicals, you need to strictly check the water you are consuming. The water purifier makes your task easier. It filters the impurities and adds essential minerals to it. On the basis of Reviews & Buyer’s Guide, we have short listed Top 5 Non-Electric (Gravity) Water Purifier in India 2021. Moreover, non-electric water purifiers have several advantages like:

  • They use absolute no chemicals for filtration
  • consumes no power
  • Environment-friendly
  • Affordable, etc.

Here is the list of the Top 5 Non-Electric Water Purifiers in India for 2021

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1. KENT Gold Optima 10-Litres Gravity Based Non-electric Water Purifier

KENT Gold Optima 10-Litres Gravity Based Non-electric Water Purifier
  • With a filtration capacity of 0.31 liters per minute, this water purifier can store up to 5 liters of water. It comes in a dimension of 280 230 385mm
  • The purifier can store up to 10 liters of water and is suitable for small families. Moreover, it comes in an elegant tabletop design and can be placed anywhere.
  • The purifier uses Ultra Filtration technology to purify the water. Ultra Filtration membrane filters even small particles so no bacteria or cysts can pass through it. Hence, it ensures 100% microbe-free water.
  • The gravity-based purifier does not use any chemicals for filtration. So the water remains chemical free and safe.
  • It is suitable for water having low TDS( total dissolved solids)
  • Moreover, the transparent tank is durable and made of ABS food-grade plastic
  • The product is WQA, USA gold certified
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Amrit 20-Litre Water Purifier

  • With a storage capacity of 20 liters of water, the purifier comes in a sleek and elegant design. It is easy t store and can be placed anywhere
  • It uses positive charges technology to filter water. The water is passed through a mesh of positively charged particles that remove all kinds of bacteria, cyst, and other impurities
  • The natural shut-off mechanism ensures safe water every time. It automatically stops the flow whenever the cartridge life is over
  • It does not use any chemical in its filtration process. So, you always get chemical-free safe water
  • It follows 3 step filtration procedure and is suitable for water having 350 TDS
  • The tank is made up of durable food-grade plastic
  • It comes with 6 months of warranty

3. Prestige Non-Electric Acrylic Water Purifier PSWP 2.0, 18 L 

Prestige Non-Electric Acrylic Water Purifier PSWP 2.0, 18 L 
  • The prestige water purifier comes with a storage capacity of 18 liters of water. So, you can access purified water whenever you need via the 9 liters built-in safe storage container
  • The purifier uses 3 stage filtration process so you get the safest water. At first, the water is allowed to pass through a non-woven cloth to remove suspended impurities. Afterward, the bi-safe filter ensures 99.999% reduction of pathogenic bacteria, 99.99% reduction of waterborne viruses, 99.95% reduction of waterborne cysts, etc
  • It uses absolutely no chemicals for filtration and has an exceptional dirt handling capacity
  • Extremely long life of 1500 liters. Moreover, the raw materials used are of NSF/ ANSI standard

4. Tata Swach Non-Electric Smart 15-Litre Gravity-Based Water Purifier

  • As the name suggests, the purifier provides totally “swach” water. It has been internationally and universally acclaimed for its performance. The purifier comes in attractive color options and is very durable and strong
  • It has the capability to remove 100 crore bacteria and 1 crore viruses from 1 liter of water. Moreover, the auto shut off mechanism ensures safe water always
  • Tata swach lock ensures that the tata swach bulb is genuine. It is easy to install and clean
  • The filtration process is absolutely chemical-free. It has a long life of the cartridge
  • 6 months warranty
  • shrink pack size- 4

5. TTK Prestige Tattva 2.0 copper 16-Liter Water Purifier 

TTK Prestige Tattva 2.0 copper 16-Liter Water Purifier 
  • Prestige water purifier tattva 2.0 comes with 2.0 features. It is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The purifier not only filters the water but also enriches it with the goodness of copper
  • It has an average filtration rate of 9-liter per hour
  • The purifier comes with a copper tank. It has several benefits such as it enhances digestion, increases metabolism, enhances hemoglobin synthesis, strengthens bones and many more
  • The water undergoes 3 step filtration process and ensures 99.99% removal of pathogenic bacteria and water-borne viruses
  • The filtration process does not involve any use of chemical
  • Moreover, it is equipped with a FACT media filter which stands for fibrillated adsorbent cellulose technology. These are basically solid substances that absorb another solid substance. This ensures longer filter life, safe water, and greater capacity
  • 1-year warranty

Buyer’s Guidance

From a lot of many options available it is difficult to choose the best. Although ÿour best”depends n on your needs the following points might help you in choosing the best

  • Capacity and Dimensions: Usually non-electric water purifiers come with capacity options of 1L – 5L. Before buying the purifier you should check whether the capacity fulfills your need or not. Moreover, the dimensions should be checked according to space
  • Filtration process: some filters undergo three filtration processes to ensure the utmost safety. Moreover, some use innovative ideas like copper vessels to enhance the quality of minerals.
  • Warranty: In addition to the features, some brands offer a warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.

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