Top 7 Best Wooden Churner (Mathani) in India 2024

Butter, dahi, chach, ya egg/cake batter banana hua asan. Check out the reviews of the top 7 best hand whisk in India 2024.

Dosto, aaj hum baat karenge woh ek kitchen essential ki, jo har mom ke kitchen mein hona chahiye – Wooden Mathani! Isme chhupa hai ek khaas magic, jo aapke dishes ko ek desi touch aur khane mein swaad ko boost krta hai.

Kya aapko bhi lagta hai ki modern gadgets se woh desi swaad nahi aa raha? Wooden Mathani aapko woh traditional tarka deta hai, jisse aapke saag, lassi, aur chach ka swaad hi badal jayega. Yeh ek aisi tool hai jo sirf ek hi kaam ke liye nahi, balki kayi alag-alag kaamon mein bhi madad karti hai. Be it beating, whipping, ya churning, Wooden Mathani hai sabka solution.

Har maa apne kitchen ko special banana chahti hai. Wooden Mathani ke saath, aap apne kitchen ko ek traditional aur artistic touch de sakte hain, jo sabko pasand aayega.

Toh dosto, ab samajh gaye na ki Wooden Mathani kitni useful ho sakti hai? Desi swaad, versatility, aur mom-approved size ke saath, yeh aapke kitchen ko ek naya charm deti hai. Give it a try, aur dekhein aapke dishes mein kaisa magic hota hai!

OGGN Wooden Mathni/Blander


Introducing OGGN Wooden Butter Milk Maker, Mixer & Hand Blender. Crafted with precision and quality Indian artistry, these 14-inch ladles ensure durability with a seamless design. Perfect for effortless beating, whipping, churning, and liquidizing. Enhance your cooking experience with the reliability of solid wood. Not dishwasher safe.

Quality Indian craftsmanshipNot dishwasher safe
Seamless one-piece wooden construction 
14-inch size for easy handling 



Introducing Arman Spoons’ Mini Bar Handcrafted Wooden Mathani in rich BROWN. Made from Sisham Wood with an 11-inch length, featuring a robust joint and superb natural finish. Not dishwasher safe. Ideal for effortless whisking of milk, curd, and more. Easy to use and maintain with a simple dry cloth cleaning.

Handmade from Sisham WoodNot dishwasher safe
Robust joint for durability 
Easy to use for everyone in the kitchen 

Home & Kitchen Wood Mathani Milk Pure Wooden Hand Blender


Introducing the Generic Retro Multicolor Wooden Mathani, a vintage-inspired kitchen essential handcrafted from rosewood. With a rich brown shade and large 13×3-inch design, it ensures top-quality performance for whisking, beating, and churning.

This 100% natural wood utensil, serving as a lassi maker, butter milk maker, and mixer hand blender, adds artisanal charm to your kitchen. Crafted in India by skilled artisans, always hand wash for optimal care.

Handcrafted from rosewoodLarge and heavy size may be less agile
High-quality design for whisking and more 
Versatile – functions as lassi maker, butter milk maker, and mixer hand blender 

MATHANI Wooden Compact Buttermilk


Introducing the Generic Brown Wooden Non-Stick Cooking Spoon, handcrafted from sheesham wood. Weighing 100 grams, its natural variations add uniqueness. A rustic addition to your kitchen, but sizes may vary. Ensure longevity by avoiding direct sunlight and water exposure.

Handcrafted from sheesham woodRequires care to prevent sunlight and water exposure
Non-stick finish for easy cooking 
Lightweight at 100 grams 

Ganesh Pure Wooden Hand Blender/Mathani


Introducing the Generic Modern Wooden Whisk in Brown. Compact and efficient, this corded electric whisk with a 1-liter capacity is perfect for repetitive tasks. Made from pure wood, easy to grip, and maintain, it comes with a stainless steel blade. Dishwasher safe for added convenience.

Compact design for easy storageSmall size may not suit large batches
1-liter capacity for versatile use 
Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning 
Made from pure wood with easy grip 

Antlantic wood store Wooden Patato Masher with Mathani Rai


Introducing Atlantic Wood Store’s Wooden Potato Masher with Mathani Rai Non-Stick, a set of 2 in pure Shisham Wood. Also, Creative Shoppee offers a Butter Milk Maker, Mixer & Hand Blender crafted with the best Indian artistry, making repetitive tasks like beating, whipping, churning, and liquidizing easy. The 10-inch product adds style and functionality to your kitchen. Dishwasher safe for convenience.

Dishwasher safe for easy cleaningMay not suit large-scale kitchen needs
Crafted with Indian artistry & craftsmanship 
Made of pure Shisham Wood 

faas Wooden Hand Blender Rai Whisk Beater/Mathani


Introducing Faas’ Brown Wooden Saag, Lassi Ghotni, and Dal Ghotni. Immensely practical for kitchen use, with a 13-inch full body and a cup size of 3.5 inches. While not dishwasher safe, its versatile design adds efficiency to your cooking tasks.

Versatile for Saag, Lassi Ghotni, and Dal GhotniNot dishwasher safe
13-inch full-body size for various uses 
Good quality 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best wooden churners (mathani) in India?

The best wooden churners (mathani) in India are:

  • OGGN Wooden Mathni/Blander
  • Antlantic wood store Wooden Patato Masher with Mathani Rai

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